Leo's Fashion Style Edit

Its Leo Season Baby! 

Ever wonder where fashion statements and trends come from?

Well, you're looking at her! The Leo is known as one of the ''Fire'' signs, and she's just what she sounds like; FIRE! She's here to make ALL the shots in the fashion world, & all eyes are on HER!

Leo's love the BOLD, the dramatic, and the risky fashion statements. Your girls night outfit is probably her ''running errands'' outfit. 

Have you ever met a Leo that wore the same outfit as you? Exactly! She's exclusive, she's unique, &there's no one else quite like her. She loves the big jewelry, the bold prints, and anything with animal print has her name written all over it!

Self care is one of the most important things to the Lion Symboled Zodiac sign, and that means she doesn't just get dressed to get dressed, she dresses with PURPOSE!! & that purpose is ATTENTION, & to make sure you NEVER FORGET HER! 

But don't get it twisted, her outfit matches perfectly with her personality; VIBRANT! & just like her outfit turning heads, so will she! She's the friend you always want to include to your girls nights, because SHE IS THE LIFE OF THE PARTY! &her style is just the beginning of her!

Here's some Outfit Styles that fit perfectly for the Leo, OR if she inspires you, here's some outfits you can rock to turn heads as well that are apart of Waveston Boutique!

Styled in this photo:

 "Alter Ego" Snake Skin Blazer by Ellison - ON SALE $24.99

 Kancan Distressed denim shorts - $45.00

"With a Twist" Black Tie Knot Top - $22.00

Styled in this photo: 

"Champagne Gang" Cut off Sweater -$45.00


Styled in this photo:

 ''Welcome to my Galaxy'' Graphic tee  -$35


Styled in this photo:

"Free Bird" Vintage Band Tee - $35

"Sienna" CrossBody Clutch (In Carrot Red)  -$29.50