Libra's Fashion Style Edit


Simple, but make it LUXE!
Libras have a tendency to always have that ‘’romantic, soft, and dreamy’’ styled vibe to them. The term ‘’dress to impress’’ is definitely THEIR term. We’re thinking something like a soft, light blue pair of denim jeans, a casual but cute white top, layering tan colored coat, and some dainty Kate Spade earrings is their "go to outfit’’.  Libra’s ‘’lucky colors’’ to wear are whites and soft blues, so always keep that in the back of your mind when styling your wardrobe!
Just like the Libra’s life style choice of only having a few close friends to them, their fashionable colors should be the same. Besides your lucky colors to wear, some other colors to also rock for the Libra babe are blacks, with some soft pinks and neutrals. 
If you ever had a sneaky suspicion that there’s a reason you’re drawn to elegance, evenly balanced colors and tones in your fashion, it could totally be based off your stars that are aligned in the Libra’s! Just like your sign being evenly balanced and quite possibly the only sign that values balance above all, your fashion choices may be an underlining secret to your closet!  Take it up to the well known fashion icon, Kim Kardashian herself. She’s a Libra, and totally shows off her best sides to fashion! 
You know you’re a fashionable Libra if….
—You go for the statement pieces, but like it more simple
 (Simple, yet eye catching statement pieces for the Libra Styled babe include:
Leather leggings/pants
All the neutral tones in basics (turtle necks, tanks, cardigans, tees)
—Styling with different tones or textures. 
Ex: black Leather leggings, white turtle neck, and tan teddy coat. 
Black straight leg jeans with black turtle neck. Diamond dainty earrings
—There are not a ton of bold or aggressive prints and patterns. The only patterns you may find in your closet are soft animal prints or lace. 
— There’s that ONE piece that you seem to grab over and over.
Just make sure you are styling it different. For example, here is our ‘’Small Town Girl’’ Black turtle neck sweater. You can style it like this and/or have different outfits. (Photos Below)
Here's some ideas on how you can pair simple, yet LUXE pieces in your wardrobe and rock them in different ways!
"Small Town Girl"  Styled different ways: ($35)
"You Are Worthy"  Fitted Turtle Neck (In white) Styled different ways: ($24.99)